Welcome to
Sprouting Readers…

where young readers bloom!

At Sprouting Readers we help students grow into competent, confident book lovers!

We specialize in teaching children the joys of reading and writing.

How the Sprouting
Readers model works


Free consult with caregiver(s) to learn about your child and answer your questions 


Your child matched with an expert, highly experienced tutor who specializes in your child's literacy needs and your family's schedule


Tutoring sessions begin with an online assessment to learn your child's strengths and next steps

We offer individual tutoring as well as virtual reading and writing instruction to homeschooled students. 

Your child enjoys individualized, research-
based lessons with a private tutor.
You watch your child bloom!

Individual and Group Lessons

Whether you are looking for tutoring once or twice a week after school or are homeschooling your child and want our support teaching reading and writing, our team of experts is here to help. We offer packages for individuals, siblings and groups of homeschooled students. 

Our Story

During the pandemic, we all pivoted to a virtual classroom, which was a difficult adjustment, but we noticed many positive outcomes.

  • Students were focused with rapt attention on screen for short, effective lessons.
  • High quality digital literature became plentiful and accessible to students during and between lessons.
  • Parents could listen in to the strategies their young readers were learning and help reinforce them.
  • Time-strapped parents felt relief when they didn’t need to drive their children to yet another appointment.

We created Sprouting Readers to deliver all the benefits of digital learning with the added personalization of private tutoring. Your child can enjoy learning letters, sounds and words, and you can enjoy expert tutoring at your kitchen table without having to find anyone’s shoes.

We are here to help you and your child!

Taryn Shea LaRaja

Founder and Director

Since graduating from Harvard College and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Taryn has taught kindergarten – third grade students as a classroom teacher, reading specialist and literacy coach for over 30 years. Taryn works with each tutor at Sprouting Readers to create an individualized plan with proven, effective lessons and monitors each student’s progress. As an avid reader, Taryn is passionate about developing a love of books for all her students.

Interested in Virtual Coaching?

Taryn also offers virtual literacy coaching for teachers.

Contact her at tlarja@sproutingreaders.com for more information.


The progress our son has made has been awesome to witness. Over the summer before first grade he would get frustrated and hardly even read a page. Within a week of starting tutoring you could see his confidence and excitement to read grow. We are forever grateful for your time spent helping our child.

Bryan, parent

“We can’t thank you enough for all the reading support you give to our son. He is excited to show us his new books and that passion was planted by you. Thank you for all you do!”

Megan and Keith, parents

“You helped me figure out words and now I can read very long books!”

Charlie, age 6

“Thank you for helping David love to read!”

Susan, parent

We are so happy to see the changes that have come when our son is with you in class! The ‘struggles’ seem to fade and his confidence soars. We appreciate all you have done to help his progress with reading.

Stephanie, parent

“Taryn is an exceptional reading teacher. She has a wonderful, positive rapport with children and easily connects with her students. With her skillful, explicit instructions she is always able to take a striving reader to the next level.”

Michele Dufresne, Author and Co-Founder of Pioneer Valley Books